Shhh...I've Got the Low-Down on Salt.

Thinking of upgrading to a Salt System this year? Before you plunge, make sure you know exactly what you are getting.  Here are a few simple truths I want to sharewith you before you make a purchase.

1. Salt water pools are not cheaper…they can be less maintenance.

A salt generator system is a sizable investment!  Yes, it is true that tablets or sticks will not be needed, BUT the upfront cost still must be taken into consideration. As well as, the maintenance… 3 to 5 years down the line the “cell” will need to be replaced and all the $$$ you saved on tablets or sticks again you will pay to replace the “cell”.

2. A salt water pool is a chlorine pool.

The equipment we install to make a pool a salt water pool contains two parts a control box and a converter “cell”.  The job of the “cell” is to generate or convert salt into sodium hypochlorite a.k.a. CHLORINE.

3. You will need to add more than just salt to your pool.

A salt water pool is no different than any other pool when it comes to keeping it balanced. Total alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness still need to be adjusted for a comfortable swimming environment and a stabilizer (CYA) is recommended as well .  Salt water pools also have “pH creep”, pH tends to stay on the high side.  This isn’t good for bather comfort or for the surface and fixtures of your pool, so maintaining proper balance is vitally important.

4. Automatic pool covers beware.

If you have an automatic pool cover we recommend keeping an extra close eye on water balance. We also recommend the use of a monthly enzyme and scale inhibitor to prevent damage and allow the cell to get the longest life possible. Natural Chemistry Salt Water Magic which contains both a monthly enzyme and scale inhibitor, is a great option (whether you have an auto-cover or not).

I hopefully did not offend anyone who currently has a salt system; we love salt too, we sell and install these units. But there is a lot of misinformation out there and we try our best to educate our clients prior to installation.  Salt water pools are an AWESOME alternative to using tablets and shock, but they are not the end all, be all, fix all, for every pool.  It can be time-saving and convenient, but it is not chlorine-free or maintenance-free.

Hope this was helpful, if you have questions about upgrading to a salt system or anything else please give us a call we are always happy to assist! Fort Wayne: 260-482-7665 or Angola: 260-668-7200.

Thanks for reading,


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