Are Phosphates Causing my cloudy water?

A phosphate is an inorganic chemical and a salt of phosphoric acid that is broken down through oxidation, hydrolysis and enzymatic digestion. This process reduces them to orthophosphates – a primary food source for many aquatic plants, including all types of algae.

Whew! All that mumbo-jumbo basically means that if phosphates remain present in your pool, spa or pond, they will attract algae and turn your pool green, cloudy and unpleasant. Statistics show 60 percent of pool owners will experience two full algae blooms every season. Why? Phosphates are found everywhere – fertilizers, cosmetic items, lotions, soaps, municipal water, dead leaves and twigs, etc. – so they are constantly introduced into your water.

For this reason, removing phosphates entirely isn’t an achievable goal, but maintaining a “near zero” level is. Follow these quick and easy steps to achieve this goal and de-cloud your water.

1. Once you notice a problem, bring in a water sample – we can test for phosphates and recommend the right type of phosphate remover for your pool based on your current level.
2. We also recommend bringing in a sample monthly to test all levels and/or when trying to diagnose any issue.
3. Preventative measures include: removing leaves and organic material, vacuuming and cleaning filters, be conscious of cleaners and chemicals in or around the pool and forbid drainage from plants or the lawn near the pool.

We hope this was helpful for you and any phosphate-related problems you may be fighting now – or in the future.

For now, happy first “official” weekend of summer 2016!

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