Why Should I Open My Pool in April? (Even if we don’t swim until May!)

Opening later does not save you Money

I hear this a lot from customers, they want to open in May or June to “save money”. This doesn’t typically work out so well. Yes, you save a month on running your pump, but you will spend a lot more money cleaning up a green pool than you would just to prevent it from getting green in the first place! Not to mention the time and effort to brush and vacuum.

Prevention is Key

Opening your pool before it turns green will save you time and money! Most likely your pool is still clear but it can turn green quickly once ambient air temperatures get above 60. As air temps rise, water temp will rise and the algae becomes more active; stagnant clear water becomes a green swampland! Then the clean up begins…brush, brush, brush… vacuum…chemicals…until water is back to clear. So prevention is key, open early and staying ahead of the game!

Spring is full of Surprises… Especially in Indiana

While it’s possible it could snow tomorrow it is equally possible it could be sunny and 85! Be prepared for the fun! You know it’s happened you put off opening the pool – waiting for the weather to turn… then suddenly [out of nowhere] it does… and everyone’s ready to jump in – but it’s only the middle of April and they can’t because the pool is green…“pool fail”.

The weather will break and it will feel like summer; feel like the hero and have the pool open and ready for summer fun!

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