Why A Hot Tub Makes the Ultimate Christmas Present

Why A Hot Tub Makes the Ultimate Christmas Present

Still debating on what to get your loved one for the holidays? Consider making an investment in their – and your own – lifelong health with a Fort Wayne hot tub.

Hot tubs are beneficial to our health all year long, but they are particularly useful during these shorter, colder days of the year for a number of reasons:

1. Hot Tubs Are the Perfect Personal Oasis

Modern hot tubs can be customized to suit the unique and specific needs of yours or a loved one. From cozy 2-person models and elaborate 9+ person designs to LED lights, automated controls and stereo systems, a Fort Wayne hot tub can be transformed into whatever will give you the greatest level of enjoyment:

  • Transform your hot tub into a romantic spot for you and your loved one
  • Create a family gathering place
  • Make your hot tub the ultimate party destination for friends and family

2. Hot Tubs Soothe Away Stress

Studies have shown that the holidays can be incredibly stressful for men and women alike. From working longer hours to experiencing higher than average credit card bills, it can be difficult for us to recline and unwind during the holiday season.

Soaking in a hot tub has been proven to relax the body and mind, having the ability to seemingly melt away stress and worry. They have also been medically proven to have a profound positive impact on our health, such as reducing blood pressure, eliminating headaches, and improving our quality of sleep.

3. Hot Tubs Promote Total Body Healing

Sitting in a hot tub naturally increases our circulation and blood flow, delivering nutrient-rich nourishing blood to sore and tired muscles which we may be working especially hard as we rush from store to store with our arms weighed down with gifts and strive to accomplish our fitness resolutions.

Another key benefit to a Fort Wayne hot tub are the jets. Well-placed jets target specific muscle groups, providing your loved one (or yourself) with a much deserved healing and calming massage after a long busy day.


Give the Perfect Gift with Olympia Pools & Spas

Olympia Pools & Spas has hot tubs and spas for every style and budget. Give your loved ones a gift they’ll cherish and use for years to come. Every time they sink down into that luxurious bubbling water, they’ll thank you for giving them the ultimate Christmas present!

Stop by one of our two locations to explore your options or give us a call to discuss your Fort Wayne hot tub needs at (260) 482-7665 in Fort Wayne or (260) 668-7200 in Angola.


About the Company

Established in 1970, Olympia Pools & Spas is a family-owned company that has spent nearly 50 years perfecting the above ground pool planning and installation process. Since opening, Olympia Pools & Spas has continued to provide the unparalleled quality and customer service it is known for to all of its clients in Angola, Warsaw, Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas.

Olympia Pool & Spas builds above ground pools and hot tubs designed by only the best pool providers in the industry including Doughboy Recreational, Trendium and Caldera Spas. Once your pool is built, you can “set it and forget it” by having us take care of all of your pool maintenance needs including weekly service, vinyl liner repair and replacement, equipment upgrades and much more.

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