Got Phosphates?

Phosphates are a common culprit behind the green pool, the “won’t hold chlorine” pool, and the cloudy pool.

WHAT are Phosphates? A phosphate is an inorganicchemical, it’s a salt of phosphoric acid. When related to pool water it’s FOOD, food for algae. The higher the level of phosphates, the greater the chance for a large algae bloom.

WHERE do phosphates come from? Typically from fertilizer; if you are in a farming area this is especially true. But phosphates can also come from: body oils, cosmetics, suntan lotions, feces, or even rain!

HOW can I prevent phosphates?! While you can’t always prevent phosphates from entering the water, you can do preventative maintenance to sustain low levels. Keeping good water chemistry is key, as well as shocking weekly. At Olympia we recommend treatment of phosphates greater than 200ppb.

We test a LOT of pools in the tri-state area with phosphates; levels greater than 2500ppb are remarkably common.
Let me share with you a few things to remember when dealing with phosphates:

1. If algae are already present, kill algae first and test phosphates only after algae has been eliminated.

2. Pool Perfect + PhosFree added weekly is AMAZING for pools with persistence introduction of phosphates.
3. After a rain, shock and balance as necessary ASAP.

If you have questions about phosphates and how they could be affecting your pool give us a call, send us an email, or Facebook message we are always happy to assist! Fort Wayne: 260-482-7665 or Angola: 260-668-7200.

Thanks for reading,

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