Get your hot tub ready for summer

Spring (cleaning) is officially here! Whether you used it all winter or are opening it for the season, this is the perfect time to make sure your hot tub is spic and span – and we have the perfect tips to do so!

  • To begin, we recommend adding our Spa Purge to the water to clean the lines of your tub before draining to push out bacteria that could be lurking deep in your spa’s plumbing. Once the treatment is complete, drain away!
  • Once drained, clean the interior surface with a nonabrasive brush or sponge (available in our stores). For any scale build-up present we recommend a surface cleaner. Our favorites? Natural Chemistry Clean and Perfect!
  • Filters need careful inspection too. If the paper is fraying or looking “fuzzy,”it’s a good indication it needs to be replaced. We keep them in stock, so simply bring in the old filter or the filter dimensions. If there is scale buildup between pleats, a mild acid soak can remove it.
    • Dilute 10 parts water to one part muriatic acid in large bucket. Add acid to water – NEVER opposite! Soak the filter overnight, rinse with hose and air dry before placing back in the tub. Do not pressure wash filters.
    • If pleats are full of a thick “sludge-like” substance, don’t worry! Skin cells, lotions and oils build up and can be removed a filter cleaner, like Natural Chemistry Filter Perfect!
  • Lastly, refill your tub! A pre-filter like Aqua Pure can be applied to the end of your hose to help remove copper, iron and materials from the water. Treat with Metal and Scale Control, and do not shock or oxidize for at least 24 hours. When it’s all said and done, feel free to bring in a water sample for free water analysis. We’ll give you the recipe for clear and clean water all year long! If you have questions about the above tips or anything else call us, we are always happy to assist: Fort Wayne 260-482-7665 or Angola 260-668-7200.
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