Fort Wayne Pool Supplies: Pool Pump Repair

Fort Wayne Pool Supplies: Pool Pump Repair

Your pool pump is the “heart” of your swimming pool. It circulates the water, ensuring that it stays sparkling clean and healthy for you and your loved ones to enjoy. If during one of your regular swimming pool check-ups, you notice any of the following four issues, then it may be time for pool pump repair:


1. Noisy

First of all, don’t ignore strange noises coming from your swimming pool pump. If something doesn’t sound right, that’s a pretty definite sign something is wrong. There are two distinct noises that a homeowner may hear coming from their pool pump:

  • A rumbling “rocky” sound
  • A higher pitched “screeching” sound

A rumbling/rocky noise may mean that the pump is vibrating on its pad or that the pool pump is not pulling enough water due to a clog. While the screeching sound generally indicates that your swimming pool pump needs new bearings. Any pool supply store will likely carry the bearings you need. However, if you want to save time and make sure you get the right bearings for your pump, come to Olympia Pools and Spas to talk to a local Fort Wayne pool supplies expert.


2. Leaking Water

The reasons behind water leaks vary, from a pipe being out of place to there being an issue with an oring. If you believe it’s an oring issue, you may be tempted to do the repair yourself without hiring a swimming pool supplies and service company. But to make sure your swimming pool is running at optimum efficiency, you might want to consult your local pool experts. Our technicians at Olympia are trained to handle any kind of pool repair issues, allowing your pool to run better and avoid more costly issues in the future.


3. Sucking in Air

Homeowners can do a large part of the detective work to figure out where the air leak in their swimming pool pump is. Grab some shaving cream and place dollops over the suction side fittings and joints. Turn on the motor, and you’ll begin to see the foam sink in or dimple where the leak in the pool pump is. You’ll then be able to call us up at Olympia and let us know what needs to be fixed.


4. The Water Isn’t Moving

Keeping the water moving is important to the overall health and function of your pool. Fortunately, this is something swimming pool owners can often remedy themselves. Start off by:

  1. a) Checking and emptying your pool skimmer and pump baskets
  2. b) Ensuring that the filter is clean
  3. c) Checking your pool pump’s impeller

Homeowners may also have an issue with circulation if there’s a leak in the suction line. Follow the same steps above for determining where the leak is, and then give your local pool supplies and repair experts a call for further advice. For more information on how Olympia Pools and Spas can help you with your pool pump repair, contact us today!

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