Fort Wayne Above Ground Pool Installation

Fort Wayne Above Ground Pool Installation

Above ground pools are a fantastic way to get in some exercise and to enjoy quality family time without breaking the bank. If you’re ready to dress up your backyard with an above ground pool, here is a quick rundown of how to prepare.


1. Choosing the Right Location for Above Ground Pools

Select a spot that gets a lot of sun in the middle of the day and that is away from overhanging trees and branches. The spot should be as flat as possible (or you can excavate the area), be located near electricity and water, and be visible from your home for safety reasons.


2. Preparing for Above Ground Pools

If you plan on building the pool yourself, you will need to measure the spot, add an additional 2 feet around the circumference of the pool to make room for mulch, decorative stone or fencing, and then remove the grass and roots from that area.

Masonry-grade sand is your best defense against having a bumpy floor in your above ground pool (and it will protect your pool liner). Take special care to not add any sand until the land is properly leveled through Transits or Sit levels and until the walls of your above ground pool are assembled.


3. Selecting the Best Fort Wayne Above Ground Pools

Olympia Pools & Spas offers an extensive selection of the best quality partial and above ground pools in Fort Wayne from brands like:

  • Radiant Pools
  • Trendium
  • Embassy PoolCo.

We carry these brands for our clients because of their proven longevity, inspired designs, and affordability.


4. Custom Fort Wayne Above Ground Pool Installation

Gone are the days when above ground pools were merely an oversized bucket of water sitting in your backyard. When you work with an Olympia Pools & Spas above ground pools specialist, we will design and build a pool completely customized to suit your needs, your home and your lifestyle.

Check out our gallery featuring a number of our Angola and Fort Wayne above ground pools and contact us online to learn more about how Olympia Pools & Spas can make your pool dreams a reality!


About the Company

Established in 1970, Olympia Pools & Spas is a family-owned company that has spent nearly 50 years perfecting the above ground pool planning and installation process. Since opening, Olympia Pools & Spas has continued to provide the unparalleled quality and customer service it is known for to all of its clients in Angola, Warsaw, Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas.

Olympia Pool & Spas builds above ground pools and hot tubs designed by only the best pool providers in the industry including Doughboy Recreational, Trendium and Caldera Spas. Once your pool is built, you can “set it and forget it” by having us take care of all of your pool maintenance needs including weekly service, vinyl liner repair and replacement, equipment upgrades and much more.

Visit either one of our locations in Fort Wayne or Angola, or contact us today to speak with an Olympia Pools & Spas pool professional today.