How to Diagnose and Remove Calcium Buildup in Your Fort Wayne Pool

How to Diagnose and Remove Calcium Buildup in Your Fort Wayne Pool

Calcium buildup in pools results in a chalky white or gray line developing usually right around the edge of the pool as a result of water evaporation. Also called “scaling”, this staining can be incredibly difficult to remove. If you’re hoping to learn how to remove scale from pool, then it’s first important to properly diagnose what type of buildup you have.

Two Types Of Scale

There are usually two different types of scale or calcium buildup in pool that pool owners will face:

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Calcium Silicate

Calcium Carbonate: White and flaky, this type of scale is fairly easy to use by using a pumice stone or stain removal product (but it’s also worthwhile to learn how to acid wash a pool to really get rid of any other pesky stains). To determine what type of scale you have, take a small amount of muriatic acid and apply it to the scale. If it bubbles or creates a foam, then you have calcium carbonate.

Calcium Silicate: This scale is greyish white and significantly more difficult to remove (this type of scale has typically be around for a longer period of time). Take some muriatic acid and apply it to the scale. If there’s no reaction, then you know it’s calcium silicate that’s lining your pool.

How To Remove Calcium Buildup in Your Pool

The type of scale you have will depend on the pool plaster stain removal process you take. For calcium carbonate, you can try:

  • A pumice stone
  • Stain eraser products
  • Acid washing

For calcium silicate, you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and start scrubbing hard with a pumice stone, or you can opt to call a professional pool company to remove it for you.


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