Collecting a Water Sample, there is a RIGHT Way!

To accurately test water we really need to start with the best possible sampling of water. Here are a few quick tips to get the RIGHT kind of sample! 

The RIGHT Container, is not an empty Diet Coke bottle – HA! In fact, the acidity or low pH of any carbonated beverage (even rinsed out) can alter the test results and have you adding unnecessary product to your pool. The best containers are the free ones we give you or an empty water bottle will work just fine too!

The RIGHT Place, is about “elbow length” down into the water, past the return jet. Collecting water from the skimmer, the return or just skimming the surface will result in inaccurate results due to the turbulent nature of surface water.

The RIGHT Time, is 24 to 48 hours once pool or spa is up and running. After a sample has been collected it’s best to have it tested right away. So if you are planning a day of shopping or if you’re off to work – drop off your sample to us first. If the sample sits in your car all day it will be inaccurate and will not yield the best of results.

We recommend bringing in a water sample for a computerized water analysis about once every other week -Or at least 4 to 6 times per season. Just doing a home test? It’s still best to follow the above advice and then dip your strip into the sample bottle!

If you have questions about how to collect a water sample or any other topic please give us a call, send us an email, or Facebook message we are always happy to assist! Fort Wayne: 260-482-7665 or Angola: 260-668-7200.

Thanks for reading,

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