5 Things to Consider When Planning a Hot Tub Installation

5 Things to Consider When Planning a Hot Tub Installation

These days, owning a hot tub is considered by many to be a necessity more than a luxury. When it comes to physical health and emotional renewal, your backyard hot tub might just be your new best friend! While installation is a straightforward and generally simple process, there are a few things you need to know as you prepare. We’ve outlined five things you should consider when having your Fort Wayne hot tub installed.


1. Placement

Choosing that perfect spot for your new hot tub may not be as simple as you think. When it comes to hot tub placement, there are a few things you need to consider.


Indoors or Outdoors?

You’ve probably already decided whether you’ll be installing your hot tub inside or outside. Hopefully you made this decision before choosing your model, as indoor installation can be trickier and may require more work to meet engineering and safety requirements.



If you plan on installing your hot tub indoors, you’ll have to take extra steps to ensure adequate ventilation. Exhaust fans will have to be installed to circulate air around the hot tub and control humidity. Too much moisture can damage your home’s walls and flooring. The Fort Wayne hot tub experts at Olympia Pools and Spas can you help with any ventilation questions or concerns you might have.


2. Electrical Supply

Your hot tub will most likely need to be hardwired to a dedicated power supply that has no other lights or appliances connected to it. The particular configuration requirements will be determined on the model you choose. While it is a consideration, it’s nothing to worry about when you choose your local Fort Wayne hot tub experts.


3. Space

There must be enough room not just for movement or getting in and out of your tub, but also for maintenance. You’ll need to choose a location that allows for easy access to the inner workings of the hot tub. We recommend leaving at least 30 inches around all sides and back panels.


4. Privacy

Most people want their hot tub to be a relaxing escape. It may be hard to unwind with your neighbor’s 5-year-old making faces at you from their upstairs window. Choose an area of your yard that offers some barriers (built or natural) from the sounds and views of surrounding homes. Common choices are arbors and hedges. Just keep in mind that overhanging vegetation can be a nuisance if it falls into your hot tub.


5. Foundation

Your hot tub must be placed on a leveled ground with a strong foundation. An inadequate foundation could pose a safety hazard and can damage the hot tub. Again, nothing to worry about when you come to Olympia Pools and Spas in Fort Wayne or Angola to purchase your new hot tub.

Clearly, choosing the right place for your hot tub is a big decision to make. Take time in selecting the perfect spot that provides adequate support, shelter, and access to ensure that your new space is the backyard oasis that you want it to be.

And of course, when you decide it’s time to buy a hot tub, we’ll help you pick the right model, the right placement, and make the whole process almost as relaxing as sitting in your new hot tub.


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