3 Reasons to Build a Custom Aboveground Pool in Fort Wayne

3 Reasons to Build a Custom Aboveground Pool in Fort Wayne

Life is about moments and creating memories. One of the main reasons people come to us is to  create an outdoor space they will enjoy for many years to come.

When you make the choice to add an aboveground pool to your Fort Wayne backyard, you are not simply creating a fun way to escape the heat. Some of your favorite memories will be of times spent together in your beautiful new pool. Here are 3 reasons an aboveground pool is the best gift you can give your family.

1. Develop Swimming Skills & Love of the Water

Many children first learn to swim in their family pool. This early learning provides great benefits, including confidence in the water. Knowing how to swim as soon as possible is an important water safety factor, especially when a child has a pool in the backyard. In turn, this introduction to water might pave the way to a love for swimming. Who knows? Your decision to buy an aboveground pool might lead to your child getting a college scholarship for swimming. It’s possible.

2. Make Lasting Memories

When your children or grandchildren look back on their childhood, they will never forget the fun times they had in the family pool. They might have learned to swim or spent time with family at holiday events or weekend get-togethers, all while sharing laughs in and around the aboveground pool that was custom installed at your home. Celebrate in style with innovative new designs and features that make aboveground pools better than ever. Each day spent with your loved ones around the pool is a good day.

3. Create a Retreat

Swimming pools are a lot of fun. In fact, once you have yours installed, you might never want to book a vacation away from your home again. Create the perfect backyard retreat, whether that is with a traditional aboveground pool or a custom installed semi-inground pool with built-in decking. Visually pleasing effects, such as floating LED fountains, will add to the excitement and make your family feel as if they are in their own backyard resort.  This is your family’s retreat away from the world.

4. Build A Custom Aboveground Pool

An aboveground swimming pool is a great gift for you and your family. From learning to swim to creating your own oasis, you simply cannot go wrong when you decide to get a pool. You can jump start your journey to joyful experiences with the ones you love most by contacting Olympia Pools & Spas today.



Established in 1970, Olympia Pools & Spas is a family-owned company that has spent nearly 50 years perfecting the above ground pool planning and installation process. Since opening, Olympia Pools & Spas has continued to provide the unparallelled quality and customer service it is known for to all of its clients in Angola, Warsaw, Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas.

Olympia Pool & Spas builds above ground pools and hot tubs designed by only the best pool providers in the industry including Doughboy Recreational, Trendium and Caldera Spas. Once your pool is built, you can “set it and forget it” by having us take care of all of your pool maintenance needs including weekly service, vinyl liner repair and replacement, equipment upgrades and much more.

Visit either one of our locations in Fort Wayne or Angola, or contact us today to speak with an Olympia Pools & Spas pool professional today.

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